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SOLD! Box of Miscellaneous Cameras and Camera Supplies

  We acquired this box of older cameras and accessories during a recent clean out.  My husband knew something about cameras, but I haven’t a clue.  I’m pretty sure they aren’t that old.  I also think there’s another box with … Continue reading

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SOLD! Home Decorators Bookshelf – Still in Unopened Box

  We picked up this 3-shelf Home Decorators bookcase (Kelman series) still inside its unopened box at a recent auction.  Amazon has it listed for $59.99; it’s on eBay for $75.00. Apparently the retail price is over $100.00. Assembly required. … Continue reading

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SOLD! Restaurant Booth Dividers? Not Sure What These Are But They Are Wonderful!!

  We love these wrought iron dividers, although frankly we aren’t certain what they were used for.  Our best guess is that they were dividers in a restaurant, attached to the backs of booths.  We only have a few (4) … Continue reading

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SOLD! Antique Telephone or Gossip Bench

  This is a nice little gossip bench, reminiscent of the old days when we all had “party lines”.  When we lived in Bryant Pond, my family had the old-fashioned crank (or “ringie-dingie”) phone, that was attached to the wall. … Continue reading

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SOLD! Mid Century Modern Elgin Starburst Atomic Clock!

  We are wicked excited to offer this Vintage Elgin Atomic Sunburst (or Starburst) Mid Century Modern clock!  Oh, how I love this piece! I’ve personally wanted one of these for years, but my house is already full to the … Continue reading

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SOLD! Two Vintage TV Trays – $5 for the Pair

  Two vintage tv trays for just $5.00 for the pair. (The $10 sign if for the bench they’re siting on!)  One has small spots where the paint is lifting; the other has a leg that’s slightly bent. Condition:   Fair … Continue reading

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GONE! A Bunch of Miscellaneous “Window Treatments” – All Different, Individually Priced or $10 for the Entire Lot

  We have a small lot of window “treatments”.  All seem to be decent quality and never used (the original price tags are still on them). Condition:   Excellent. Size:  Vary. Price:  $2.00 each or $10 for the lot.  (Plus the … Continue reading

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