Details: Payment Methods, Pricing and Availability

Buying & Paying Details:

We are very low tech.  Payment can be made via PayPal, good check (please allow 1 week to clear if not known to us) or cash.

We’ve provided lots of information below regarding how to pay for your items, since we are an on-line business with limited in-person interaction since closing our bricks & mortar shop several years ago.

Check out the information below regarding purchasing any of the cool (and sometimes unusual) items in our inventory.  If your questions aren’t answered, email us at to arrange purchase, or for a somewhat faster response, text 207-740-2247.  Thanks!

The steps for making payments are below.


If you have a PayPal account but don’t know how to use it to pay for an item, we can walk you through it via Messenger, a text or a telephone call.

However, the steps are pretty easy, and we recommend you try them first, as we aren’t always immediately available to help (and some items sell so quickly you could lose out).

1) Log into your PayPal account.

2) The bar across the top has several buttons.  Click on the one that says “Send & Request”.

3) Enter our email address:  “” and click on “Next”.

4) Enter the amount you are paying, INCLUDING sales taxes if you are located in Maine.

… Heritage Collectibles is a Maine business, and therefore must pay sales taxes.  The rate is 5.5%, so to come up with the amount owed i.e. price of item(s) being purchased, just add up the costs of what you’re buying, multiply by 1.055 and voila!  There’s your total.  [Some items have the sales tax listed next to the item’s price; we hope to include that on all of our inventory posts soon.]

… Example:  You’re buying two items.  One is $10.00 and one is $35.00.  Your subtotal is $45.00.  Multiply this number by 1.055 and you get $47.475.  Round this up to the nearest penny (because the last number is 5 or greater) and your subtotal is $47.48.

5) If you need the item shipped or delivered, add the amount to the subtotal above.  For some items, that information is listed under the item description, below the Price.

For additional information on shipping or delivery, please go to the tab titled Details: Shipping & Delivery at the top of any page.  If there’s no shipping/delivery cost listed on the item’s page, we just haven’t had a chance to determine what that cost will be, and it’s probably best to text or message us for the amount.

6) Add a note listing what your purchases are, when you plan to pick them up (if they aren’t being shipped) and press “Send”!

As long as you’ve entered our email address correctly, we’ll get THREE messages from PayPal, telling us that you’ve just made a purchase: an email, a text, and a notice through Messenger!

If you don’t hear from us shortly confirming that we received your payment, you’ll know the payment didn’t go through, and almost certainly it’s because our email address was entered incorrectly.  (It’s happened many times!)

Paying By Check.

If you can avoid this, and use PayPal instead, it’s better for everyone.  Putting a check in the mail means it could be days or even longer before we receive it, and then – unless we know you – that check will be held for up to a week to clear.  (We’ve had people give us bad checks, which not only costs us the value of the inventory they purchased, but we also get a bounced check fee.  So a few rotten apples have made this difficult for all of us.)

There’s an additional problem with paying by check:  our First Come, First Served policy, which is in place because we rarely have more than one of any item in our inventory.  So the first person to pay (with a payment that is confirmed and deposited into our account – and in the case of a check, must clear) is the person who gets the item.

Describing “First Come First Served”

As mentioned, our inventory is First Come, First Served.   Please do not ask us to hold items for you “until you can get there” or “until next Tuesday”.  We’ve done that and then been stood up, and in the meantime lost the sale to someone else.

A question some customers have asked, because we don’t have debit or credit card capability is “With your First Come, First Served Policy, how do I make sure that if I’m ordering on-line that I get what I’m ordering?”  [By the way, we used to accept credit/debit cards, but dealing with the company proved to be more hassle – and far more expensive – than it was worth so we ditched the idea.]

That’s obviously a really good question.

The best way to ensure that you get your item is to pay immediately via PayPal.

Here’s what I wrote to a potential customer back in early 2016:

If you prefer not to use PayPal, what’s happened before is that if you want to put a check in the mail, just tell me that you’ve done so with the exact amount of the check, the info on the check and the time and date it’s mailed, and I will accept that as the “first come, first served”.  If the check arrives as indicated, all is well. (I won’t ship the item to you until that check has arrived, however.)

If the check arrives with a postmark later than promised, and someone else is waiting for the item, then they may end up with it – it depends on when that second person offers to pay. 

This happened with a Rudyard Kipling print earlier this year.  Several people were interested; one person went back and forth with me over 3-4 weeks, promising to pay by PayPal. He finally did, but someone else had sent a check which was postmarked earlier than the PayPal payment – and the earlier date won.  (Of course, that latter person got a refund.  He was annoyed about not getting the print, but after all, he did take nearly a month to submit a payment.)

If paid by PayPal, you get an immediate receipt from that entity by email. If paid by check, I will let you know as soon as the check arrives and will send an emailed receipt. 

At the time, we hadn’t yet had problems with “bad” checks. Since then, we’ve had a few and someone even attempted to perpetrate a check scam, which we didn’t fall for.  You can find the details on that in our blog here:


If the item is listed without the word “SOLD!” in front of the title, it is still available at that specific time.  However, it doesn’t mean that it won’t sell 5 minutes later, or even while you’re reading the description.

It’s surprising how often we’ve posted a new piece of inventory and immediately have 6 or 10 people messaging us to say they want it… and have to tell them that they are 3rd or 8th or whatever in line, while the earlier customers say they will have to get back to us or want to pick it up later.

Sometimes there’s a big flurry of immediate activity, but the item doesn’t actually sell until weeks or months later.  Other times, there appears to be no interest, until suddenly the right person happens to notice it and purchases it on the spot.  It’s a crapshoot on our end. We just never know.

If you see something on our website that you can’t live without, please don’t ask “if it’s available”.  Unless it says SOLD!, it is available… but it might not be in 10 minutes.

What if you pay for an item but then find out it’s already sold?  That’s easy, especially if you pay through PayPal.  We just reverse the transaction, and you get your money back pretty quickly.  (We don’t know how quickly you’ll get your money because this situation hasn’t happened yet, but PayPal is wicked fast so it should be immediately.)

Prices Are Firm.

Please understand that unlike some similar businesses we do not artificially inflate our prices and then give discounts to people who ask for them.  We spend a fair amount of time researching the value of our inventory in order to set a fair price that is usually somewhat below what you will find that item for on eBay or Amazon.   AND, if you’re reasonably local and can pick the item up, you don’t have to pay for shipping!

Therefore, our prices are firm (although we may on occasion have a sale on certain items, but those would be announced in advance).

When you ask if we’ll take $10 on a $28 item we’ve just posted, we get cranky and probably won’t even respond.  (This actually happened just recently.)


Hopefully, your questions have been answered!  If not, please feel free to email us at, or text us at 207-740-2247, and we’ll answer as quickly as we can!