Major Changes at Heritage Collectibles of Maine

Well, here’s the news – or at least some of it!

Heritage Collectibles is closing its (virtual) doors. Despite my efforts, I’m sad to report that I can’t continue running both this company and my other one, a business consulting & management firm. Both are showing the effects, and something had to give. Sadly, I’ve decided to give up Heritage Collectibles as it is far more time-consuming as well as less profitable. (However, there are some positive changes on the horizon for our loyal customers… please keep reading!)

Managing an inventory-based corporation such as this – even though it’s rather small compared with many others – is far more work than most people realize. The administrative/back office piece is extraordinarily time-consuming (maintaining records of all inventory that comes and goes, determining good prices for that inventory as well as profit or loss margins, including the expense of travel in the pricing and overhead, photographing & tagging the inventory, etc etc etc blah blah blah), in addition to writing and posting the blogs, attending & bidding at on-line and in-person auctions, hauling that inventory back to the office (I had a 7 hour round trip drive to Vermont recently, and an 8 hour round trip drive the very next day!) – well, as I said, it’s a lot more work than most realize.

Even setting up & maintaining booths in another person’s shop or antique mall takes a great deal of time.

So, soon – likely at the end of June – I’ll have a “business closing estate sale”, using the advertising genius of an national estate sale company, and will sell off as much of my inventory as possible. The jewelry will be sold through our soon-to-be up and running Etsy store and the 10,000+books… well, I don’t know what I’m going to do with them yet.

I’ll sell off what we have, and will start posting blogs about them again. If you’re so inclined, you’ll be able to purchase items before the closing sale (please note, this will not be a garage sale; items will not go for pennies on the dollar).

But I won’t be buying any more inventory.

On the other hand, I do plan to keep this website up, with occasional blogs on interesting aspects of antiques, vintage and eclectic items such as art, furniture, books, collectibles, and so forth. And I plan to do a small amount of business consulting (under the auspices of my other corporation, which is set up for that purpose, although right now it mostly focuses on the mental health field), which will likely include a handful of estate sales for select clients every year.

Therefore, even though Heritage Collectibles of Maine will close as soon as most of the inventory is gone, I’ll still be available, although in a rather different fashion.

Also, until the inventory is sold, we’ll still have our booths at the locations listed below.

(I continue to say “we”, even though the business has been just me since my beloved husband John died. It’s a habit I’m not even trying to break!)

Our Locations: 

Brunswick. We have a display cabinet (#27) at Cabot Mill Antiques, 14 Maine Street in Brunswick (ME). Their phone number is 207-725-2855. Cabot Mill is open Sunday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Lewiston: Some of our inventory is located at Linda’s office in downtown Lewiston. Because that office is for her other business (mental health admin & services), it’s not open to the public, so any inventory located there can only be seen or picked up by appointment. The Gallery is also open (by appointment) every Monday evening from 5:00-7:00) and the first Friday of the month (also from 5:00-7:00). There’s a small “ad” at the very end of this and most all of our posts.

Oxford: Our more contemporary inventory is located at Happy Trails Antiques & Flea Market at 891 Main Street, Oxford (ME). Their phone is 207-515-0927. Happy Trails is open Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays from 9:00-5:00, and Sundays from 10:00-4:00. Our booth number (both booths) is S47. For photos of our booths, check out this blog:

Waterville. Our booth at Hathaway Mill Antiques is packed full of cool antiques and pre-1965 items. HMA is located at 10 Water Street, Waterville (ME). Their phone is 207-877-0250. Hathaway Mill Antiques is open Wednesday through Sunday, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. We are booth #23.

Also, in Auburn: Some of the lawn and garden inventory, as well as some larger items are located at a private home in Auburn, and can be seen there by appointment.  

All sales after expenses help support The Grief Warrior Project.

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